YOGA with brynne

Brynne Heatley began her journey into yoga as cross training for Soccer and Rock Climbing.  The body awareness she gained from yoga influenced her life in so many ways it wasn’t long before Yoga became a foundational habit of her daily life.  Brynne has been teaching yoga for 6 years, beginning in 2013 at Inspirit Yoga Studio in Orlando while she was in College at UCF. In Orlando she focused on Vinyasa and Ashtange styles of yoga, and later dove deeper into her practice when she took her 200 hour RYTT with CorePower Yoga in Los Angeles in 2015. 

Brynne’s teaching style focuses primarily on proper alignment, leaning towards lots of cues to help the practitioner feel more deeply into their own body awareness, balance, and coordination.  She iis very playful and relaxed, encouraging her students to take on a child-like curiosity with their practice. There is never any pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel wonderful. She encourages her students to make their practice feel like an internal body massage and to give themselves permission to relax in the here and now.  

Another pillar of Brynne’s teaching style is sharing her love of inner peace and her practice of meditation. She often adds in gentle cues or guided meditation to help calm the mind.  She gears her classes to the needs of whoever shows up offering challenges, as well as easier modifications for all levels of practitioners. Her favorite part of teaching is guiding a gentle meditation during Savasana (the final resting pose of class where you simply lay down and rest) leaving her students feeling deeply relaxed and restored.