Transportation AfterSchool Karate (T.A.S.K.)



What do the TASK students do when they arrive at Family Karate?

Most students arrive around 2:45 pm afterschool. They will have the opportunity to eat the snack they brought. After being in school all day, we give them some free time in the Karate school. At 3:30 pm the karate classes begins. Parents should be picking up after their karate class has ended or by 6:00 pm. $5 late fee after 6:15 pm.

Do the TASK students get the same Karate program as the others?

Yes. Your child will get physical exercise, learn discipline, manners, respect for teachers, parents, and other students as well as themselves. They will develop self-esteem through earning belt ranks in Karate that is found no where else and then gain self confidence. Develop the “Yes I Can” attitude that will carry over into school, work and other sports.

What days do you have TASK?  Monday-Friday

Kindergarten thru 7th grade.​

What schools do you have students currently enrolled in TASK?

Gulf Breeze Elementary, Gulf Breeze Middle, Oriole Beach Elementary,  Pensacola Beach Elementary, West Navarre Intermediate, and West Navarre Primary.


TASK Karate Program Plans - includes karate classes:
$80 per week, per student - 5 days (2nd Student $70)
$75 per week, per student - 4 days (2nd Student $65)

$70 per week, per student - 3 days (2nd Student $60)
$65 per week, per student - 2 days (2nd Student $55)
$50 Annual Registration per student or $80 per family


What bus does my child get on if they attend . . .
Gulf Breeze Elementary - Family Karate transportation pick up 2:25
Oriole Beach Elementary - Family Karate transportation pick up 2:25
Gulf Breeze Middle School Bus 741 drops off at the Dojo
WNIS picks up at 2:25
WNP picks up at 2:30

 How do I sign up for TASK?

Give permission for your child to be put on the appropriate bus by providing the school, teacher and bus driver a note with the days they are to ride that bus.


Please Click On The Links Below To Print The Necessary Forms

2019-2020 After School Karate Handout (pdf)


TASK Sign-Up Enrollment Approval 2019-20 (pdf)


TASK Checklist for Parents Initials (pdf)


2019-20 School Calendar (pdf)


Student Application and Waiver (pdf)