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 YOU are so inspiring, positive , KIND, yet powerful .  You truly have the gift with young people and I learn from you! I appreciate your kind words !  Thank you for coming in …they loved it ! I hope more of them will join your classes. 

~Jane Wilkins GBES

 My name is Alex Learned and I am one of the camp counselors for Kids Unlimited Summer Camp. Mr. Falbo came today to speak to the kids and he did a phenomenal job. His patience and understanding as well as guidance and leadership truly demonstrated to the kids the meaning of self defense and self improvement. What was so impressive was how Mr. Falbo seamlessly incorporated the word of God to these kids, some of whom probably had never heard it. I know his message and his teaching today had a substantial impact on several kids in my group. They commented on how fun karate was and the excitement that came with breaking their first board. One child in particular, however, had a very powerful reaction to the activity with Mr. Falbo. His name is Mackel, and about an hour or so following the activity, he approached myself and a fellow counselor and asked us if we would pray with him. Keep in mind that this is a 6 year old. It was clear that after hearing what Mr. Falbo had to say concerning Jesus Christ and the word of God that something had deeply touched Mackel and perhaps shown him the light of God. Many of the kids at camp do not have the best home lives and barely have two nickels to rub together. The stress and pain that some of them go through on a daily basis can be seen in their actions and demeanors. For Mackel, he now knows that he is a son of God and can pray to Jesus whenever he is scared or troubled. My experience today with Mr. Falbo and Mackel has left me speechless. I witnessed a little boy believe in something bigger than himself or anything on planet earth. The most amazing and incredible part of this entire experience for me was that when Mackel prayed, he did not pray for help or for courage or for strength. He simply THANKED God for his mom, his health, and all of the other blessings God had bestowed upon him. Thank you Mr. Falbo for everything you did today. I know you changed the heart of at least one child, and that in itself is a beautiful thing.  

~Alex Learned, Kids Unlimited Summer Camp

 We can't thank you enough for spending your time with our students during our school talks. We love the positive influence you have on our kids.   Thank you for your inspiration, time, kindness, encouragement and smile! 

~Mrs Baer and WNIS 4th Grade

 Thank you for coming to speak to my 5th grade class. Your captivating talk about self esteem was inspiring. I know the students learned something as I did "Believe in Yourself"! I greatly appreciate being able to bring up your  "presentation" throughout the year as a reminder about working with others and being your best. Thank you for an unforgettable presentation. I look forward to having you speak to my 5th graders for years to come. 

~Mrs Vignes

 Jimmy,  Thank you so much for your wonderful message to Fort Dale Academy last Wednesday. Your enthusiasm, your sincerity, your passion, and your love for God was a magnificent thing for our students and teachers to witness and be a part of. I have had numerous parents to tell me how excited their children were when they come home that evening. Our teachers are still talking about the impact you made. Please know what an outstanding experience it was for us all. We look forward to you coming back at another time to be with you and be able to speak with our ninth through 12th grade students. Thanks again. 

~Dave Brantley 

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